Текст песни Fleshgod Apocalypse - Healing through War

I am the healer of all diseases I push my drug in this world Strategic torment and fake relief The tricky strings that I pull With infantry blood and mothers' tears I wash the hands of this court I believe in nothing, believe in no release As darkness rises without fire, war is the remedy I breed the hunger and spread the thirst I burn the wheat that I sow Embodied essence of contradiction I bend the steel that I forge I am the answer to every need I am the minister of war “Nihil de corum sententia dicturus sum Qui turpissinam servitutem deditionis nomine appellant Animi est ista mollitia non virtus Paulisper inopiam ferre non posse Qui se ultro morti offerant tacilius reperiuntur Quam qui dolorem patienter ferant” Burn this world to the ground Tear down whatever you encounter, exterminate all And make no prisoners or slaves, kill'em, destroy their heritage For every soldier falling down behead ten of them As the only order is to maraud ‘till we dominate Inflamed with the anthem you will rise, slay without mercy the enemy I am the bleeding, I am the scar I cauterize through my sword Perpetual fire that darkens stars As I'm the rise, I am the fall
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