Текст песни Florence and the Machine - Flakes*

This songIs one I never thought that I'd playBut if you want me goneThere are kinder ways to saySo long than spitting in my faceThey don't teach these things at schoolThey just lay down the rules Which are there for you to breakWhich are there for you to breakIf I'm wrongThen dust me off and put me in my placeDrop a bombShall you blow me away without even a trace?I'll be gone and I won't give chase

'Cause when you're in piecesYou pick up the bits, and nothing fitsAnd the wind blows you away [4x]I prayThere will come a day when you'll think of me and smileThese daysEverything seems to last only a whileRemember the namesFor the day when we'd have a childBut the trouble with dreamsThey're not what they seem, 'cause when you awakeThey fall through your fingers in flakes [4x]* – Кавер на композицию Flakes в оригинальном исполнении Mystery Jets

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