Текст песни For All Eternity - September

I am searching for the right words to say, yet they all escape Nothing deciphers what happened to me on this day My love lay waste as my life is disgraced All clarity is slowly decayed Hopeless men carry broken hearts, weighed down by hurtful words All I've is living in the past I can't help but reflect I recollect; once holding your hand Not looking forward never looking back Nothing in that moment lacked Though now we're apart I can't seem to restart Emptiness is all I've We were so madly in love So much so that we could never be apart We had the whole world out in front Oh the tears I have shed knowing now that you're gone I hope I never remember, the darkest day of september Oh, for seven long years I built and you brought it down Oh, for seven long years I bled and it meant nothing to you How will I ever find the will, the will to rebuild How will I ever find the will to rebuild without you
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