Текст песни Foster The People - The Unforeseeable Fate of Mr. Jones

Well, Mr. Jones took a terrible fall,He had built the stairs but he hadn't Counted them all, and the Lights, and the pain said it would rain, he said it Would snow, he always said that, wherever He would go and he would Write down his thoughts on the wall.Something about the power of it all, wouldYou call it you care for me at all?I've been surrounded by this loneliness,If I could, I would do it all over again,And it would be calm and wait for youTo show me all the things that no one Else can do. Now what you need, What you got, what you want from me?I've got the wild inside to conquer, and Then I'll be free. If I was free, if I was Free, I would fly in between the Moons of consciousness and ride on the back Of a shooting star, and float into your arms.And when he woke up, he went outside and Changed the light bulb. Figured out that life Was worth living when you could see,The doctor said they had counseling Him before and his tired mind of war.But he was at war with himself, and he

Lost it all, he was at home now feeling The power of the crumbling wall. Oh, if I was Free I'd fly in between the moons Of indolence and I'd ride on the back of a Shooting star and float into your Arms. If I was free, I'd let go Of all the weight that's dragging me,And never again, I'd say never againI put it all down, and never again, Never again. And he met God That day. God said, "Well, welcome in,I've been waiting for you,Your bed is warm, your sheets Are made."Free, I am free I didn't even know That I'd been captured,But I remember the call, I remember the Call, I remember when your voice Came through the wall, and I was scared,I was scared, I didn't even know That you were listeningAll those times I was shaking my headFrom all the things I'd said.Well I was free, I was free,I didn't know that I'd been ...All the ... that were close to meNow I am free.
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