Текст песни Francis White - Calipso

It was a day, a sunny day
I saw your hips on dancing calipso
The girls were honey It was so funny All this pretty models going after money
It was so cool to break the rules
Back to the 60's Pink-fire lipstick Somebody told me to find another Cause everyone knows you're sleeping with my brother
Are you gonna give it to me tonight
Are you gonna give it to me tonight
She is not a victim
She is just addicted
Cause of some reason she said I'm gifted
I'm in the back A pick-up truck
I take my dream-scope into a disco
You make appointments into the toilettes
And now we're sleeping on the way to San Francisco
Out of the black my Lord is back
Out of the black My Lord I won't give up
Your heart is gritty but you look pretty Take the wine and walk along the city
In a miserable place I've been writing all in vain

How I missed you all this days
Will my paper dreams come true? Frozen eyes I wanna be with you

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