Текст песни Freddie Mercury - Barcelona

I had this perfect dream Un sueño me envolvió This dream was me and you Tal vez estás aquí I want all the world to see Un instinto me guiaba A miracle sensation My guide and inspiration Now my dream is slowly coming true The wind is a gentle breeze Él me habló de ti The bells are ringing out El canto vuela They're calling us together Guiding us forever Wish my dream would never go away Barcelona! It was the first time that we met Barcelona! How can I forget The moment that you stepped into the room You took my breath away Barcelona! La música vibró Barcelona! Y ella nos unió And if God willing We will meet again Someday

Let the songs begin Déjalo nacer Let the music play Ahhhhhhh... Make the voices sing Nace un gran amor Start the celebrations Ven a mi And cry! Grita! Come alive Vive! And shake the foundations from the skies Shaking all our lives Barcelona! Such a beautiful horizon Barcelona! Like a jewel in the sun Por ti seré gaviota de tu bella mar Barcelona! Suenan las campanas Barcelona! Abre tus puertas al mundo If God is willing If God is willing If God is willing Friends until the end Viva! Barcelona!
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