Текст песни French Montana - First Time

[Intro: Diddy]I feel, I'm askin', I'm askin' first and foremost, guys, I'm askin'Haven't I given to this culture?Will there be you without meDid I not deserve this, did I not deserve this? Did I not show you?How to ball?Did I not muthauckin' go to war for us? [Verse: French Montana]First billion dollar bitch from CaliforniaFirst brick came from ArizonaFirst slang came from the cornerFirst chain, nigga had to pawn itMy first pot, man you wouldn't pee inDamn, my first car came EuropeanMy first flight was a Visa planMy first was on Peter PanMy first deal, man it raped me, niggaMy first bitch prolly hate me, niggaMy first case cost me 80, niggaMy first Mac & Cheese when crazy, niggaMy first meal drove me crazy, niggaMy first homies changed on me, never changed me, niggaFirst time got high rollin' wavy, niggaFirst time I prayed to god like take me withcha

First time I got broke I was chasin' bitchesFirst time I givin' signs, I was chasin' niggasFirst time met Ross made real figuresFirst time I met Puff was through a real niggaFirst time I flipped packs, niggaWas the first time I hit sacks, niggaFirst time I hit the strips, made real moneyFirst time rolled the die, lost my reup moneyFirst time he did bis' where he first livedWith his first will, never seen his first kidFirst time he seen real money when he flippin' crackFirst time I heard Pac, feel in love with rapFirst time I blacked out, seen my mama criedFirst time I strapped up, nigga gotta dieFirst time I got shot is what made me, niggaFirst time started thinkin' like I was eatin', niggaFirst idle I seen was a drug dealerFirst wife whip the beans for you lil niggasFirst time went broke, I ain't seen nobodyFirst time I went pickle, had to cry about it [Outro: Diddy]You know, meanin' is somethin' in this gameThat's hard, that's gon' be hard to doCause first of all, some gettin' too much money out here doin' too many thingsI need some shit that'll grab their attention niggas, and love right away
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