Текст песни Futuristic - Epiphany

[Intro: Futuristic]I had an epiphanyI was repeating historyI was doing everything I hatedThe weight on my shouldersI let it all get to me (I let it all get to me)I had an epiphanyI just smiled at my enemiesI was listening to everybody who was talkingBut never did shit for me, yeahI had an epiphanyI was looking at everybody else that's up in the industryThey ain't as sick as me (they ain't as sick as me)I had an epiphanyI was seeing somebody that never had no good intentions for meNow she missing me, yuh (now she missing me)[Verse 1: Futuristic]Moral of the story is that nobody did it for meHad to make a change (nah)I was living in the city with no sceneI had a dream I had to make a lane (yup, yup)Always knew that I couldn't live off of minimum wageRipping the pay stubI had a minimal taste for all the fame stuffBut I got into the game without a cent to my nameAnd now I'm ballin' like I'm in the NBA, bruhAnd I know I got a lot but I'm not contentIf they ask me to stop, I will not consentNever gonna let nobody block cause my shot to missYou can meet me at the top if you hop the fenceAnd you climb the stairsAnd you fight the beastAnd you lose your wayThen you find your peaceAnd you do it soberThen you find a drinkThen you spiral downAnd it all repeatsAnd I always had a vision I could get itSo I did it by my lonelyI don't owe nobody nothing, never let nobody own meGot some money from the music, and I spend it on the homiesBut don't put nothin' before me, gave a whip to little BrodyAnd I'm only getting startedAnd I'm eating with the people that I starve withAnd my batteries, I had to recharge 'emI made an album but that shit was garbageYo, I was trapped in a gimmickI finally get itI'm here to make music that mattersIf I die, it'll all be alright'Cause the message I gave you will live for me afterAnd my chapter will highlight a lifetimeOf energy gave through a bright mindHow you never had to stand on the sidelineHow you the guide to your own guidelines[Bridge: Futurisitic]That's an epiphany

I had an epiphany, yeahThat's an epiphanyI had an epiphany, yeah[Verse 2: NF]I had an epiphanyThat I could make historyThat I could prove everyone wrongThat told me I wasn't cut out for this music thing, yeahI had an epiphanyWhat if I took my energyAnd used it on positive things in my lifeInstead of the people that lie to me, huh?Yeah, I had an epiphanyThat I could put all of my hurt into musicAnd use it for people that might feel the same as meYeah, I had an epiphanyWhat if everyone knew my depression was worse than they thought?They probably gonna look at me differentlyYo, this song got me going back, when I was a stupid kidThinking maybe I could make it in the music bizAnd then I figured out the politicsAnd realized that half of y'all don't even know what music isAnd going nowhere, I told 'em to get used to meFeels like I'm living in a movie sceneA bunch of people trying to tell me how to act and breatheOne thing I never let nobody ever do was tell me who to beI never got into the party sceneMaybe I was just scared to drink'Cause addiction it runs in my familyThat's someone I was scared to beYou're looking pitiful compared to meSince I can barely readAll I wanted was somebody I could trustThat I knew would keep it real with meRap's always been a mirror for meThat's when I figured out that maybe I'm the one that's gotta make it on my own, yeah, it's clear to seeA lot of people think that what I'm doing is a gimmickEverything you hear me writing I've been livingI ain't quitting, send the money to my familyTry to show them that I miss themAnd I cherish every moment when I'm home and when I'm with themAnd this is the way that I feelIn the industry of fakes trying to stay realIn the industry of lames trying to get dealsLord knows imma get it, that's Meek MillYeah, I lay in my bed at night thinking"There's got to be more to me"I'm trying to pay off the mortgagingBut the life of the people I love in the midst of itI've always thought that ifI learn from mistakes that I'd makeEven the losses are victoriesThat's when it starts hitting meIf you set your mind to it you can do anything[Outro: NF]That's an epiphanyThat's an epiphany, yeahI had an epiphanyI had an epiphany, yeah
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