Текст песни Gabin - City song

Drivers running byAlone in their carsDon't stop for meI look out of placeIn their daily raceFor I take my timeHow I love to strollAlong deadly roadsFocus on the smallest detailsPictures can't describeEver-changing charmsOf this elegant and dirty old townSquawking birds invading tree-topsSing along the city songShouting children in the schoolyardsThey love this catchy city songTune to a sound of throbbing enginesAnd listen to the city songDance a tip-tap on the pavementWhile I'm whistling to the city songTrees are blossomingIn the dusty streetsI start to sneezeAs I'm walking downCrowded river banksTourists and sunThey go shopping thenThey stop at a bar

Thousand coffee cups are tinklingGrocers shouting outHave them strawberriesLove to barter in the stalls downtownTune to a sound of foreign voicesListen to the city songIn this town a thousand countriesOh I love this catchy city songA film location round the cornerIts soundtrack is the city songHanging out with wise old beggarsOh How sad can be the city songOh I love this city songHow glad I amSuch a pretty songYou can't go wrongWith this city, city songPast materialized in stone wallsA stylish girl holding a mirrorHer colours fading in the smogAll our thoughts resound togetherMixed into the city songEveryday we need new lyricsFor this eternal city songNo you can't go wrongWhen you listen to the city songCan't go wrong with this city song
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