Текст песни Gabin - City song

Drivers running by Alone in their cars Don't stop for me I look out of place In their daily race For I take my time How I love to stroll Along deadly roads Focus on the smallest details Pictures can't describe Ever-changing charms Of this elegant and dirty old town Squawking birds invading tree-tops Sing along the city song Shouting children in the schoolyards They love this catchy city song Tune to a sound of throbbing engines And listen to the city song Dance a tip-tap on the pavement While I'm whistling to the city song Trees are blossoming In the dusty streets I start to sneeze As I'm walking down Crowded river banks Tourists and sun They go shopping then They stop at a bar Thousand coffee cups are tinkling Grocers shouting out Have them strawberries Love to barter in the stalls downtown Tune to a sound of foreign voices Listen to the city song In this town a thousand countries Oh I love this catchy city song A film location round the corner Its soundtrack is the city song Hanging out with wise old beggars Oh How sad can be the city song Oh I love this city song How glad I am Such a pretty song You can't go wrong With this city, city song Past materialized in stone walls A stylish girl holding a mirror Her colours fading in the smog All our thoughts resound together Mixed into the city song Everyday we need new lyrics For this eternal city song No you can't go wrong When you listen to the city song Can't go wrong with this city song
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