Текст песни Gama Bomb - 666teen

I am a teenage werewolf in a metal banging crew Stuka bomber hellion with diesel power attitude Jacket full of voodoo and a psycho killer smile I'm from the jilted generation I walk a crooked mile Crass and angry People ask me Why I'm crazy It's just the kind of thing I do Young and hungry Fast and heavy That's what I need I'm drinking petrol in the nude [Chorus:] My whole life's a silver scream Happy birthday 666TEEN I party with the Devil, I make out with The Beast I draw disturbing doodles while cranking Judas Priest I wake up in the morning and start smoking marijuan' You want me to be sorry but I tell you 'party on' Neat and tidy That's you not me Down and dirty Like a hammer in the nuts Teenage pagan I'm no man's son Got no pants on That's how we do it in the ruts [Chorus:] My whole life's a silver scream Happy birthday 666TEEN Your future is a lie I ain't not never not gonna not go and die Liquor pours out the skull, the Ouija is alive I spend the night among the devils talking all the jive Outlandish ways of staking out the lifestyle that I lead I wear my studs on the inside it often makes me bleed I will never Be your member Bending genders Smooching for the lethal kiss Icy cider Early riser Like a Kaiser Dishing out the iron fist [Chorus:] My whole life's a silver scream Happy birthday 666TEEN My whole life's an evil scheme Happy birthday My whole life's a fever dream Happy birthday 666TEEN 666TEEN 777TEEN?
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