Текст песни Game - Ambitionz Of A Rida

[Verse 1: Game] My ambitionz of a rida-da-da Put her in a YSL and that Prada-da-da Keep the pistol on the side-da-da In the Lamborghini smokin on that la-la-la She got her hair in the wind Eyebrows on fleet 1 5 Bonnie & Clyde, Nicki and Meek I gave her keys to the condo, keys to the Jeep Say "You jigglin, baby", gave her the whole damn fleet[Verse 2: Dej Loaf] I always ride for you baby And when shit get hard You know I parade on the side of you, baby Yeah, I met him in a dope gang He had no name Back when you could get a half or a whole thang[Verse 3: Game] Back when we all ever needed was the cocaine Bricks in the 600 why they call me Raw Game 40 in the Sti dash fuck around and be road kill With the top down feelin like[Hook: Game + Dej Loaf] My ambitionz of rida (rida, rida) My ambitionz of rida (rida, rida) My ambitionz of rida-da-da-da-da-da-da-da My ambitionz of rida-da-da-da-da-da-da-da My ambitionz of a rida[Verse 4: Dej Loaf] No whip now we in the ??? Keep it gangsta pricy, one of them cold things Wit ya Nooooooo, I ain't mad at ya Get out of line, probably throw a couple jabs at em[Verse 5: Game] Hit Rodeo, probably throw a couple bags at ya In my 2Pac voice - I ain't mad at ya Take the wheel, see if you can drive while I eat it My fitted flew off, but I dont need it, tell me what I need[Verse 6: Dej Loaf] You need a bitch that's gonna blast, spend cash with ya Same time fuck good, drop fast for you Yeah, I ride it like rah-rah-rah-rah Eat the pussy like la-la-laaaa[Verse 7: Game] Why you gotta tell a nigga buinnes Fine nigga Friday, you know a nigga live this Hit you with the helicopter tongue Then fuck you til the helicopter come[Hook: Game + Dej Loaf] [Verse 8: Game + Dej Loaf] One look and I got her In corners in my Impala (My ambitionz of a rida) Slidin down that pole for a dollar, nada Tell that girl Holla (My ambitionz of a rida) I done brought the Thug Life out her Got her stuffin bircks in that Prada (My ambitionz of a rida) And she love when I'm inside her And can't nobody divide us [Hook: Game + Dej Loaf]
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