Текст песни Game - El Chapo

Granada I'm falling under your spell I am the GodEl Chapo, I am the God You know I get the kilosCincuenta por cientoIf you are not bilingualGet the fuck up out of town, 'fore we run your ass downUnderground how I came outAny nigga try to stop me let it hang out, let it bang, let it rain outYo soy el dios you adios nigga(I am the God)Seen a nigga chopped up on a TuesdayWhile the club goin' up on a TuesdayThis is goons day, I can have GuadalupeCome through and knock Donald Trump out his tupeeNow look at his brains all on the sidewalkAnd tuck the .38 and jump on my skywalkerAnd whew I'm a rollaShotgun, Claudia, oh choloOnly nigga walking throughSinaloa with the blower redChuck Taylors on and you know it when I show upIt's a squad full of killers, squad full of hittasSquad full of niggas that'll pull up, let it bark on a niggaHundred six shots bark on a niggaStreet sweeper wet the whole block up, no Noah's Ark on a niggaGot two Glock 9s, two .45s, two Desert EaglesAnd they fight together side by sideNo juegues conmigo, tu sabes de miNo Tony Montana, amigos y kilosMi casa es tu casa cuidado con el chicoTu tienes la plata y yo tengo perico I am the God

El Chapo, I am the God Pinches policías (puto)Jodiendo todo el día (cabrón)Que si llora tu familiaO mi madre y mi tia I'm on a private jet with El Chapo, feet upSippin' Tecate bout to land for the re-upFuck the Montanas, we ain't got them trackin' devicesThe feds they be watchin' and see usNiggas wanna see us? Check the IGI'm in the Villa throwin' blood up like an IVDon't try me, Dej Loaf with the AK600 million, 400 million from Dre Day, uhPablo Escobar in my hey-day, uhBringing off coke that's a payday, uhOn a private jet that's a mayday, uhIn South America on a vacay, uhP on my snapback, choppin' grade-a, uhNone of these niggas ready for the melee, uhHundred cal make his body do the nay-nayLeave a nigga face worse off than ShanaynayI am the God, I've been tellin' you niggasI got a bird and a chopper in the trunkAnd a ki I will sell it to niggasWe can screw it and chop itMachetes on deck, I will sever you niggasBehind these bars, some El ChapoMotorcycle out the cell on you niggas Escuchame chinga tu madre, nunca me encontrarás , so para de mirarNo me controlas , te controlo! Controlo a todos!Me respetan! No se muevan, soy el Chapo y la cocina al agua I am the GodEl Chapo, I am the God
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