Текст песни Garth Brooks - Why Ain't I Running

I can hearThat highway callingAs I watch the sunriseCrawling across her shoulderThis is usually goodbyeAnd yet those wordsI just can't find hereAs I hold herShe's like no other womanThat I have ever known beforeAnd it ain't me toSee the morning sunFrom this side of the door[CHORUS:]Why ain't I running?Why ain't I gone?How does she hold meWithout holding on?In love or a fightShe's stronger than strongSomething's not rightIf there ain't nothing wrongIt's got me wonderingWhy ain't I running?

Why ain't I gone?All those wordsI left behind mePraying they would neverFind me and my freedomBut if they stoodRight here beside meThey would never recognise meFor all that she's doneOnce happiness was onlyWhenever I was on my ownSo now why do I feel lonelyAny time that I'm alone[Repeat chorus]No, they've never builtA wall that highOr made a chain that strongAnd God ain't neverMade a placeI felt like I belong[Repeat chorus]
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