Текст песни GeekSlayer - Roast Yourself Challenge Diss track

GeekSlayer, GeekSlayer, name sound like a joke You made your name at 12 but I do not know what you smoked Singing voice sound like you struggling trying not to choke All of Youtube sleeping on you, should’ve never woke You make a new video once in a blue moon man what do you do with your time? Why does it take your ass over a month to just focus and write a new rhymes? The longer you don’t make new content the quicker you slip yourself into obscurity You say you choose quality over the quantity but your vids ain’t got no purity Now you be cussing in songs so that you can show everyone your new maturity Fact of the matter is most of your viewers are kids so you got insecurity You think if you buy more equipment then no one will notice that you’re just a hack? You ain’t a filmmaker you’re just a Youtuber so why are you dropping these stacks? Youtube rejected your partnership dozens of times before Maker took pity “His content ain’t great but he’s brown so we’ll add him and improve our own diversity!” 70k subs, only 7k views You ain’t getting paystubs, breaking copyright rules You started your channel for just three thangs To get the girls to get the fame to get the bank You asked every girl you crushed on from middle to high school To be in your videos so they would think you’re so cool You show up to Vidcon but ain’t got no invite, you ain’t even broken a million Rebecca Black hitting on you at the after-party at the Hilton 80% of your stuff that you put out is all about Indians The beard and wig combo just mixed with the sari it make you look hideous You tryna be just like JusReign but JusReign ain’t even hit your back up Same goes for Superwoman, when they see you trying they just crack up Borderline racist you probably feel safest just joking bout your race Wearing shades in half your videos just wanna slap em off your face You can’t be original to save your own life That’s why you don’t write songs, you just give real songs rewrites You pick the easy route just playing off stereotypes Youtube’s forgot about GeekSlayer, tell him good night
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