Текст песни Genesis - The Fountain of Salmacis

From a dense forest of tall dark pinewood, Mount Ida rises like an island. Within a hidden cave, nymphs had kept a child; Hermaphroditus, son of gods, so afraid of their love. As the dawn creeps up the sky The hunter caught sight of a doe. In desire for conquest, He found himself within a glade he'd not beheld before. [Hermaphroditus:] "Where are you, my father? Give wisdom to your son" [Narrator:] "Then he could go no farther Now lost, the boy was guided by the sun" And as his strength began to fail He saw a shimmering lake. A shadow in the dark green depths Disturbed the strange tranquility. [Salmacis:] "The waters are disturbed Some creature has been stirred" [Narrator:] "The waters are disturbed Naiad queen Salmacis has been stirred" As he rushed to quench his thirst, A fountain spring appeared before him And as his heated breath brushed through the cool mist, A liquid voice called, "Son of gods, drink from my spring". The water tasted strangely sweet. Behind him the voice called again. He turned and saw her, in a cloak of mist alone And as he gazed, her eyes were filled with the darkness of the lake. [Salmacis:] "We shall be one We shall be joined as one" [Narrator:] "She wanted them as one Yet he had no desire to be one" [Hermaphroditus:] "Away from me cold-blooded woman Your thirst is not mine" [Salmacis:] "Nothing will cause us to part Hear me, O Gods" Unearthly calm descended from the sky And then their flesh and bones were strangely merged Forever to be joined as one. The creature crawled into the lake. A fading voice was heard: "And I beg, yes I beg that all who touch this spring May share my fate" [Salmacis:] "We are the one We are the one" [Narrator:] "The two are now made one, Demi-god and nymph are now made one" Both had given everything they had. A lover's dream had been fulfilled at last, Forever still beneath the lake.
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