Текст песни Geto Boys - Let a Ho' Be a Ho'

[Intro:] (Yo D man what's up with that cash register shit?) Oh that's what the average ho see everytime she look at a modern day man (Ain't that the motherfuckin truth) Yeah~! And these old fickle-minded ass niggas Wonder why a ho be with them one day and another goofy motherfucker the next (I think it's time you kicked some more of that shit D) Yeahhhhhhhhhh! [Verse 1:] It seems to be a lot of motherfuckers blind to the fact That a ho is gonna be just that And this type of ignorance is the very Reason why so many niggas in the God damn cemetery Intelligence is on call You don't treat a ho like a queen, who behaves like a dog Are you the type who won't put a ho in front of a trigger? Then youse a hoe ass nigga God damn hound, pound for pound You knew the ho when she was fuckin' the whole town She fucked you and gave your buddies a blow But your trick ass fell in love with the ho Tried to change her, make her be an angel You keep puttin' your damn life in danger Frontin' niggas about that slutty-ass triflin' crow You gotta let a ho be a ho! [Verse 2:] Here's something that I'd like to know Why you take that ho, everywhere you go? You walk around the club wit' the ho in front Tryin' to keep up with that nasty ass cunt You say you're captain, but yo' ship she's sinkin' As soon as you turn your back, the ho is blinkin' Winkin' her eye at another nigga But you got her locked down, so you figure Ho wears your jewelry every goddamned day But nigga, you just got the ho on display Wouldn't let her be herself, cause you's a goddamned wimp Now you know why ho's date pimps She's a rhinestone freak 5 days a week But you get mad when niggas pop on her ass Goddamned slutty ho, the bars are loaded Don't try to change her You let a ho be a ho! [Verse 3:] She's a ho (D, how the fuck you know?) Every time I see the ho she's with a new negro She's the kind of ho that's bound To wear shorts up her ass when your friends come around The kind of ho that'll make you cry The kind of ho you have to call, before you come by So why you wanna kill when she says no more? You ain't the first to be dumped by a God damn whore! Crazy motherfuckers fightin' over hoes Stealin' for they asses and jumpin' out of windows If a ho want out, I let her stanky ass go Cause I'ma let a ho be a ho Now do y'all follow me so motherfuckin far? (YEAH!!) (Hell yeah I remember I let this ho named Kim use my car, man) (Bitch went to go see another nigga; I damn near killed that ho!) Ha ha I fucked that ho man! (You motherfuckin lie) That's bullshit, ask Bush.. man ask Bushwick and Red! (He went up in that bitch man) (On the f'realla my nigga) Akshen, man, I'm tellin' you, man! [Verse 4:] I fucked that ho, before you even knew her Made her pussy go BBBRRRRR when I stuck my dick to it I knew she was a ho the first time I met her So I got another ho and took her to the other level Of the game, got them high as a kite And fucked BOTH of those hoes that God damn night! Then I sat back and relaxed As they 69'd, and ate each other's cat I dropped them off at home God damn, look at this shit, my wallet's gone! The hoes beat me but I left it alone And used that shit as a stepping stone I played it off the next time I saw the ho I just laughed and fucked her ass some mo' She licked my ass, and sucked my balls And if I see her right now I can get them drawers [Outro:] Yeah buddy! Willie D ain't gonna let these hoes get him down I ain't cryin or dyin over none of you hoes I ain't buyin you no leather, I ain't buyin you no suedes No jewelry, no contacts, no Lee nails Ain't buy you no hair, no makeup, food None of that good shit
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