Текст песни Glass Animals - [Premade Sandwiches]

People standing in line to look at premade sandwiches,People standing in line to get high to 'bad bitches',People standing in line to smoke weed that's green tea,People standing in line for two rails of OxiClean,People standing in line to nuke themselves with ketamine.It's artisan raw and gluten free,Probiotic superfood antioxidant, low MSG,Non GMO locally sourced quinoa and chia seeds,Jojoba and baobab dog treats,Handmade with wild goji berries,Agave, acai and activated whey protein.People standing in line to buy whatever the McFuck they might,

Want to shove down their foodpipes tonight.New watch in black gold,New shirt that looks old,Big dick and no soul,New pants with four holes,Old phones in one drawer,Five dry pens something from a Kinder egg,And everything you didn't know you were looking for.People complaining ‘cause their mum whines,People complaining about losing their minds,People complaining about standing in line,People standing in line, and they don't even know why.
Слова и текст песни Glass Animals - [Premade Sandwiches] принадлежит его авторам.

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