Текст песни Gotye - Coming Back

You've been gone much longerThan you ever said you had the plan toI'm just gonna wait 'till you come homeThough I count the days, they're grey without youThe weather's much better when I think about youI'm just gonna wait till you come homeEmpty glasses, burnt out matchesCurtains drawn on near-full blacknessI'm sleeping through the dayYou're coming homeTo reclaim this heart you ownedLoverLeave meMake me burnYou're coming back!You're coming back!

I'll wait patientlyFor your returnYou're coming back!You're coming back!I'm clutching at strawsI'm climbing up the wallsBut every time I fallBack into my holeI'm feeling like a wretchI'm looking for a catchBut you're an itch that I can't scratchI know you're coming backYou've been gone so long you're fadingAnd it takes all the time I can find just retainingThoughts of things we did while you were hereBut I know you will return my dear
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