Текст песни Gotye - The Only Thing I Know

I'm living with your memoryIn the attic in my mindAnd you've been getting by without meBut I've been spending all my timeWith a girl that I rememberWho'll never leave or need to growCos when you left you left your memoryNow it's the only thing I knowWhen the past gives me no comfortAnd though the future is the costThe way I'm choosing to rememberI'll forever be the man I never was

And you, you fadeBut the memory remains the sameAnd I, I can't changeAnd I think that living with your memoryIs slowly driving me insaneYou are perfect but you're emptyAnd it gets so lonely in my mindCos your image in my memory'sThe only shred of you that's left behindYou were real but then you left meAnd that's the part I can't acceptSo I'll keep on living with your memoryBecause it's all that I've got left
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