Текст песни Grand Funk Railroad - Destitute and Losin'

I'm destitute and loosin', all that I got.
I got too much booze in me, oh, and I've been smokin' a lot.
Sometimes I wish my memory, didn't serve me so good.
Maybe then I wouldn't think of the world, but you know that I would.
'Cause I'm …

Destitute and loosin', all of my mind.
But I know I got to meet my maker children, at the end of the line.
Nothing good lasts forever, not on this earth.
I'm a victim of circumstance, my mistake was my birth.
'Cause I'm …

Destitute and loosin', sure can't be choosin'.
Destitute and loosin', sure can't be choosin'.

I'm destitute and loosin', I'm loosin' my way.
There will be no more choosin', come the judgment day.

There's no place for me to go, but, I know darn well.
When it comes time for me to leave here, I'm going straight, straight down to hell
'Cause I'm …

I'm destitute and loosin', I'm losin' my mind.
Said, I'm destitute and loosin', children, loosin' all the time.
I've never been a winner, at nothing I've done.
I know that I'm a sinner, and you know my time is come.

'Cause I'm …



I've been soooo … low children, I just don't know which way to go.
Lord, you know I just don't give a fuu …

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