Текст песни Halestorm - Painkiller

You're like a God, I feel so hot I got it better to habbit I'm in withdrawal, I need a hit My body's cold, gotta have it Just a dose to remedy the taking away the death of me I get a buzz to feel alive, I get a rush deep inside Just a touch is all I need to trigger the sweetest dopamine You're taking away the death of me

I can hit it, quit it, not addicted, you know it's a lie You get me high like a painkiller, like a painkiller You numb the pain, you're blowing my mind Like a painkiller, you're the painkiller That gets me, gets me, gets me high You think I'm cryptic, a touch sadistic But baby, that's how you made me You bring the fever, my drug dealer Gotta love how you fix me
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