Текст песни Halestorm - Vicious

You make me vicious Watch as I make the pain my mistress You can call me Miss Malicious I'll dress you up in stitches No, I can not resist this If it don't hurt I get suspicious I like to take the knife and twist it Yeah my love is sacrilegious I'm not scared to admit it This violence is delicious What doesn't kill me makes me vicious I'm not gonna break

I can take all that you can give This is survival of the sickest I am not afraid, bring the pain Watch out 'cause I'm vicious And I'm not asking for forgiveness Yeah I'll make you go ballistic Your torture is my business And I won't leave a witness I don't care if you'll hate me 'Cause you're gonna have to face me And there's no use in crying You know I would be lying If I said you could escape me
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