Текст песни Halestorm - White dress

I used to pray, tried to be perfect in every way I used to care about what people say I never questioned beyond picket fences I'm not afraid about where I fit into the frame Satisfied to drive in my own lane Sick of denying, yesterday is dying I'll never be, I'll never be All of the things that you need me to be You'll never see, you'll never see That version of me I'm not the girl in the white dress I'm not your fairytale princess

I'm sorry, mama, that I made you cry Some day you'll know the reason why I'm not the girl in the white dress I'm embracing my darkness I'm really sorry that I let you down But I'm still gonna make you proud Close your eyes, why don't you try to keep an open mind? I hope you know how hard I really tried It might be a hard truth but it's not about you This is mine, so don't treat me like I'm a crime My life, my lesson learned in time I don't hold it against you, you're allowed to be you
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