Текст песни Halsey - Tokyo Narita

So we laid down on the floorNext to our brand new bedJust so we could listen closerTo this new Kanye WestBut I can barely hearOver the music in my headAll these 808s and heartbeatsBanging in your chestTold the driver keep it goingHe can run the meterSo we could finally hear VIEWSOn some decent speakersYellin' every time the beat dropLike a cheerleaderSpillin' a flask of AvionOn your brand new sneakersNow we at the Vogue partyAnd the whole thing's cateredSo we said that we'd leave earlyGet some pizza later

But my hands go down your jeansAnd you distract the waiterUntil we take it somewhere betterLike the elevatorTill we back out on the 405With Baby BashYou're making me laughAnd I'm just trying not to crashBut all we do is driveSuga how'd you get so fly?I see people staring at usFrom the overpassBut these days I've dropped the keysTo Anthony's MercedesWe standing naked in the kitchenListening to AMYAnd in those weeks you fucking lost itCause you just wrote "Crazy"It seems like you never listenAnd I hate you lately
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