Текст песни Hamilton (musical) - First Burn

I saved every letter you wrote meFrom the moment I saw youI knew you were mineYou said you were mineI thought you were mineDo you know what Angelica saidWhen I told her what you'd done?She said"You have married an IcarusHe has flown too close to the sun"Don't take another step in my directionI can't be trusted around youDon't think you can talk your wayInto my arms, into my armsI'm burning the letters you wrote meYou can stand over there if you wantI don't know who you areI have so much to learnI'm re-reading your lettersAnd watching them burn (burn)I'm watching them burn (burn)You published the letters she wrote to youYou told the whole worldHow you brought this girl into our bedIn clearing your name, you have ruined our livesHeaven forbid someone whisper"He's part of some scheme"

Your enemy whispersSo you have to screamI know about whispersI see how you look at my sisterDon'tI'm not naiveI have seen women around youDon'tThink I don't seeHow they fall for your charmsAll your charmsI'm erasing myself from the narrativeLet future historians wonder how Eliza reactedWhen you broke her heartYou have thrown it all awayStand back, watch it burnJust watch it all burnAnd when the time comesExplain to the childrenThe pain and embarrassmentYou put their mother throughWhen will you learnThat they are your legacy?We are your legacyIf you thought you were mine (mine, mine)Don't

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