Текст песни Hanni El Khatib - F**k It, You Win

[Verse 1:]Call me on the phoneWhy don't youYeahFind me at my homeWhy don't youCome oneScare my friends awayWhy don't youFake my life for leaving one babeWhy don't youCall babe yeap girlYeah heyHere we go[Verse 2:]Come on my roofWhy don't youSnake into my house babyWhy don't youPut yourself to the groundF*ck it why don't youBite me in the neckYeah it's driving me dry

Something's dry[Chorus:]Oh f*ck it you winOh darling you winI said f*ck it you winOh darling you winOh God, oh no[Verse 3:]Love me when you're tiredWhy don't youYeah hate me when you're drunkOh why don't youSay you're dead brother f*ck darlingOh why don't youFind a new man to call girls darlingF*ck you why don't you[Chorus:]F*ck it you winOh darling I said you winOh f*ck it you winOh God you winYeah baby yeah babyF*ck it you won
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