Текст песни Heart Like Mountains - In My Frozen Heart

I hate the fact that I still love her, I've tried, I've tried to forget everything Night spent smoking thinking if she'll ever come back I still remember the promises that she made to me But I must stop dreaming awake and start living this life But I just can't, but I just can't That smile, her smile that melts the ice of my frozen heart And keeps it from beating But sometimes I'm just terrified of my heart the way it stop and starts You're the star that I'll never reach You're the page that I'll never read You're day that I'll never see You're unreachable I'll never understand this, I want to be with you As the sky grows (darker and darker) My heart grows colder and colder I want to drown in the sea of your (love and stay there forever) I hate you for making fall in love with you but I still love you for this I won't stop loving you even if you make me suffer I won't give up At least I still can feel a thing in my frozen heart You,you,you I still love you...
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