Текст песни Houngoungagne - The KQLY VACation's

KQLY... Now, volvo offered you some VACation... We wonder how often you used it and... Tell me, was it worth it, now that are you gone? I just wish you've profit until the end... So all the clutches... And all the sprays... Every reflexes or anyway... Was it a lie? I need to know... Why you cheat broo'? Why did you do this? Were you alone? Be my cheat guide... KQLY! You know, there's still a place For cheaters like ya'. Now you belong to the hall of shame. I've bet all my skins counting on you! The worst thing: you were losing anyway... Is it the private one i've seen on reddit? How many times did you've used it? I need to know... KQLY! Oh no! Why you cheat broo'? Weren't you strong enough on you own? I need to know. KQLY!
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