Текст песни Hurt - Rapture

In the life of the wrong a love lingered on, Love lingered on to frustration. And if our love is so wrong, what should we do alone? Or am I just a picture in a photograph? Why are we stuck in this pantomime fearing a god who died? One who would not deny lovers? And I don't care what they say, if what you need is your faith, Then take a look at my face and know That till your rapture falls to pieces Until your rapture falls to pieces Find in me the room to breathe, Simple things like suffering

Life had gone this way Life is gone this way Still in the life of the wrong we all moved along Another life evolved to gestation And so we made our way with the mistake we made But she was just a picture in the photograph So she walked in the baby's room Knowing what she should do leave me in Absolute horror She put her hand on its lip she gave it One last kiss And some tune that went
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