Текст песни IAMX - I Salute You Christopher

I salute you Christopher I salute your life How you played the dice Your words will live in us Timelessly insane Explosive, fresh and wise Some will just forget Some will close their eyes Some will turn the tide I salute you Christopher Whiskey raised and downed You risked and you took the crown Console yourselves That a scientific death is better Than a fairy tale Of the eternal life Control yourselves Because the man in the sky Is a tyrant and a lonely psychopath Dreamed up to steal your minds A horseman on a trial A brilliant gentle wreck With a brutal mouth for press No submit, no compromise Saint Christopher of the truth And a destroyer of soulstrings and threats They will learn to see in time They will think before they refuse The civilisation rules I salute you Christopher I declare you as our king Or queen, depending on your mood
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