Текст песни IAMX - I Salute You Christopher

I salute you ChristopherI salute your lifeHow you played the diceYour words will live in usTimelessly insaneExplosive, fresh and wiseSome will just forgetSome will close their eyesSome will turn the tideI salute you ChristopherWhiskey raised and downedYou risked and you took the crownConsole yourselvesThat a scientific death is better Than a fairy taleOf the eternal life

Control yourselvesBecause the man in the sky Is a tyrant and a lonely psychopathDreamed up to steal your mindsA horseman on a trialA brilliant gentle wreckWith a brutal mouth for pressNo submit, no compromiseSaint Christopher of the truthAnd a destroyer of soulstrings and threatsThey will learn to see in timeThey will think before they refuseThe civilisation rulesI salute you ChristopherI declare you as our kingOr queen, depending on your mood
Слова и текст песни IAMX - I Salute You Christopher принадлежит его авторам.

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