Текст песни Ice Cube - First Day of School (Intro)

—Ain't nobody talkin' when I'm talkin', fellas, so shut the fuck up! The following items you place in the envelope as I call ‘em off. An empty wallet, legal paperwork. First three, out of the tank!

—Line up, single file on the bench, let's go! Open your mouths, stick out your tongue! Alright, do your ears, one at a time. Okay, bend your heads over, shake 'em out with your fingers! Hands above your head, hands out in front of you! Over. Move those fingers! Reach down and lift your nutsacks! Drop your nutsacks and skin back your dick! Turn back around! One foot at a time, pick it up and wiggle the toes. Other foot. Bend over, grab your ass, spread your cheeks and give me two good coughs!
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