Текст песни Ice Cube - The Shot (Intro)

—Hi, how ya doing? —Doctor's office, could you hold, please? Yes, sir, can I help you? —Yes, I have a four o'clock appointment, I'm here to get my shot. —Okay, come right with me —This isn't gonna take too long, is it? —Here we are, here, have a seat right here. —Oh great, thanks, thanks. —The doctor will be right with you, and can I get you anything? —Uh, maybe a glass of water would be great. —Okay, great. —Damn, what is taking so long? —Yo, wassup? —Hi, how ya doing? —Alright, let's see what we got here. Uh, Mr. White, huh? —Yes, sir, that's me. —Heh, I heard you don't like shots, do ya? —No, I sure don't. —Aww, you're a big boy. Uh, this won't hurt a bit. Just, uh, turn your head. —Let's get this over with. —Yeah, uh, rub a little alcohol on here, right here for you, and, uh, brace yourself! (Gunshot sound)
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