Текст песни Icon for hire - Get well II

I need my pain Don’t take it away My sad makes me special Do you want me to write you another sad song Would you like that? Do you want me tell you we’ll never belong Would you like that? Cuz the truth is we’re no different than the others Wearing our sob stories like colors The truth is we like it, we like it here We’re better off than we let on I fear Does it make you sick, the way that we live? We say we’re over it but we

Can’t undo the scars All up and down our hearts Can’t forget how it felt when it all fell apart And we talk a big game like we wanna get well In our prison made of pain Only fooling ourselves I want to scream my sick soul alive I want to look you dead in the eyes Did you think you were the only one? We’re all holding on trying to make sense of The insanity that we once loved We’ve cut up our lives trying put down the knife Trying to pick up the fight
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