Текст песни Illnath - The Creator's Biggest Pride

The sun sets at last, Sliding slowly and silently down'Low the horizon in the west, Where a small house lies...The puppet-man is ending his workday, As the starlight peak through the cloudsHe's worked all day And says goodnight to his dolls Before he close the doorHe lives alone in this house, And it's his home and a way of livingThough he thought he knew all the secrets of his house, There's more...'Cause tonight... the puppets are roaming the roomIn spite... of being creatures of iron and woodThey live as well as you and IThough driven by other forces insideAnd tonight the creator's biggest prideWill make his way through the door And charge to take the puppet-man's lifeNow the doll runs through the living-roomAnd he's hiding in the dimly faded gloomNow he's approaching the bedAnd won't leave until the body is deadBut the creator awakes before The doll can fulfill the task

And he's paralyzed in amazementAs he sees his hand-made maskOf the horrifying devil he made Once so many years agoAnd he cannot even scream as the knifeRips through his throatHe'll never again be put back on that shelf"Kill the flesh! Kill the flesh!" screaming to himselfThe doll is standing above the puppet-maker's corpseThe devil-mask covered in blood and goreSilently standing, looking downWith the dripping knife still in his handNow he turns and he sees the doorHe's tasted blood and is thirsty for moreThe rain is cleansing his mask As he runs through the night aloneHe's shaking in tension as he's heading for the town'Cause tonight...the puppets are killing in townAnd the villagers are lying in bloodstained nighting-gownsAnd now as they all have become aliveThey are immortal and cannot dieAnd tonight the creator's biggest prideWill run into the world and try to take mortal men's lifeHe's hunting at night. Watch out for open windowsHe's hunting at night. Perhaps you should stay inside?He's hunting at night

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