Текст песни Imagine Dragons - Chirstmas Time

Shake up the happiness Wake up the happiness Shake up the happiness It’s Christmas time There’s a story that I was told And I wanna tell the world Before I get to old I don’t remember it So let’s December it And reassemble it oh yeah Once upon a time in a town like this A little girl made a great big wish To feel the world full of happiness And be on Santa’s magic list Chorus Shake it up Shake up the happiness Wake it up Wake up the happiness Come on you all It’s Christmas time Ho, Ho, Ho Ho, Ho, Ho It’s Christmas time At the same time miles away A little boy made a wish that day That the world would be okay

And Santa Claus would hear him say I got dreams and I got love I got my feet on the ground And family above Can you send some happiness? With my best to the rest Of the people of the East and the West And Maybe every once in a while you Get my grandma a reason to smile Tis the season of smile It’s cold but we’ll be freezing in style Let me meet a girl one day that Wants to spread some love this way We can let our souls run free and She can know some happiness with me Chorus I know you’re out there I hear your reindeer I see the snowing Your boots have been I’m gonna show them So they will know then This love will grow in Than to live again Chorus It’s Christmas time Chorus Thanks to feel

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