Текст песни Imany - Ready for Love

I am ready for loveWhy are you hiding from meI'd quickly give my freedomTo be held in your captivity.I am ready for loveAll of the joy and the painAnd all the time that it takesJust to stay in your good graceLately I've been thinkingMaybe you're not ready for meMaybe you think I need to learn maturityThey say watch what you ask forCause you might receiveBut if you ask me tomorrowI'll say the same thing.I am ready for loveWould you please lend me your ear?I promise I won't complainI just need you to acknowledge I am here.If you give me half a chance

I'll prove this to youI will be patient, kind, faithful and trueTo a man who loves musicA man who loves artRespect's the spirit worldAnd thinks with his heartI am ready for loveIf you'll take me in your handsI will learn what you teachAnd do the best that I canI am ready for loveHere with an offering ofMy voiceMy eyesMy soulMy mindTell me what is enoughTo prove I am ready for loveI am ready
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