Текст песни In This Moment - Out Of Hell

She's only 16 She has dreams of a girl She thought she'd be in love She thought she'd have the white picket fence Now she stands on the corner She sold herself to the streets When the world gave up on her She gave up on herself She said, can anybody hear me? She said, does anybody care? As the monster pulls up slowly He asks her how much she is (You are worthless) (Sweetheart you're worthless) He's only 15 The world is passing him by His father killed his mother And drugs took over his life

Now he sleeps on the corner The streets become his home When the world gave up on him He gave up on himself He said, Is anybody out there? Does anybody care? The hopelessness is rising There is only so much one can bare I said, You are not alone I'm standing by your side I walk with you threw hell I walk with you tonight We are the forgotten That nobody wants to face Together we can rise Let's climb out of hell You are not forgotten I am standing by your side Your struggle makes you Beautiful Out of Hell we will climb
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