Текст песни Insomnium - In the Groves of Death

In the evening of a grey day, a bleak dayI strayed into the dim silence of the hallowed treesWhere the fir-trees whisper of those been, those goneWhere the sacred earth still hides all those we once loved"O father, hear these words, your son is not made for this worldFaint-hearted and careworn, into this vile life I was hurledIn the woods the fiends sigh, I swear I heard the demons neighOn the seashore I espy the dreadful void under the tides"Ill-assorted with this life, these caresEach moment I am waiting for the worst to come my wayDark berry from my mother's womb; a frail oneI was affrighted at my birth, bewildered from the startBetter it would be to stay in the shadesIn the thicket of the dead, in the groves of deathHere I would lie to the end of the days

"Hear me now, my hapless sonWarn away all yours fearsMake good use of your brief daysLife may be grim but death is more austereBy yourself you sit and waitBy yourself you will have time to repent""In these lowly hallsNo moon will beam, no sun will shineIn these narrow roomsNo tears are seen, no laughter heard"At the dawn of a quiet dayI strolled from the woods, returned to the hearthAnd with a restful mind I roamedThe dreary shores, the darkling wildsGreeting all the days that befallTaking life as it comes
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