Текст песни Intruder - Escape from Pain

Falsely accused for hiding guns, Thrown in the hole, the torture has begun Guards they laugh and say "Soon you will tell The bloody straitjacket is your living hell" Wrapped so tight feel I'm buried alive Stabbing pains, growing numbness inside Bodily secretions burn away my skin All hope is leaving, despair rushes in [Chorus:] I will escape from pain [x2] Escape from pain! Dragged from my cell for the second time, I beg for mercy I've done no crime They just laugh as they drag me away, It's now or never, my judgement day I can't tell them what they want to know, So back in the jacket is where I go Fighting the pain, I look to the sky - Please God help me - I don't want to die! [Chorus:] I will escape from pain [x2] My body twitches, I wait for death The pain, how it has grown Stretching out to infinity, it's all I've ever known Then through the pain I feel a change I've never felt before Total peace flows through my soul My mind it starts to soar As I rise up, I turn and look down I see my body sprawled there on the ground Freed from anguish, gone is my despair It doesn't matter now what goes on down there I have broken from the chains that bind They cannot touch me now I leave their world behind Years have passed and I'm a free man, But I can't forget what happened back then Strapped in the jacket again and again, One on top another, they tried to do me in But I always would escape They finally gave up, my will they couldn't break Granted a pardon after seven years, but only time will dry my tears [Chorus:] I have escaped from pain [x2]
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