Текст песни Iron Maiden - I'm a Mover*

I was born by the river, Just like this river, I've been moving ever since. Ain't got no body to call my own You know. I've been moving Since the day I was born. Life is a game just made for fun, I don't need no body. No, I don't love no one. Yes, I'm a mover baby, Now get out of my way will ya? Don't try to stop me now. Following the footpath one fine day, When I asked a wise man which was the way, He said "Follow your heart and look for yourself, And come back and tell me what you have learned". Yes, I'm a mover. Went back and told him I'd found me a wife, Eleven children And a real good life. Told him I'd left this happy home, Cause I need to return To the long winding road. Yes, I'm a mover. * кавер на песню I'm a Mover в оригинальном исполнении группы Free
Слова и текст песни Iron Maiden - I'm a Mover* принадлежит его авторам.

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