Текст песни Ivy Levan - Who Can You Trust

The heart is a hunterAnd hot as stoneCold blood in the chamberBullets humble Into the night you will fallWhere there's no wrong or rightRough justice for all This love is power and lustWhen you're hungry for a heroI'll feed you sweet lies ButWho else can you trust? The son of the silentA moth to the flameDeliver the poisonThen forget my name Into this way you will crawlEvery night when every wanting âE˜causeYou wanted her Oho, I drink from my cup

The clock is striking zeroBring me to boil, I give it up This love is with diamonds and lustYou may find my smile deceitfulBut after it allWho else can you trust? When you're all aloneAnd there's no one aroundI will call you up just to bring you upIf the price is right I will see you outBut no one can touch the way that I touch you When you're down in the dustAnd they fight for good and they fallBet on both sides, do what you must This love ??? for usOne night like other peopleYou've got my number,But who else can you trust?Who else can you trust?Who else can you trust?Who else can you trust?
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