Текст песни Jaden Smith - Scarface

All you jokers think I'm trippin', better think again,He's a cool guy, pool side,Got a nice ride, farsighted,Car ignited, too excited,But I was thinkin' thatHe just tryna make the pain go away,Make the fame go away,‘Cause it's all about now, right now,No past, no future, Lex Luthor,But if you got a pass, get up on the stage now, right now.We dance to the music, it's crazy ‘cause all of them sound so the same,You drivin' them places, you changin' them faces,They all know your name right now.Do I look like Scarface? We should go far away,Function on Broadway, I ain't get your call today,Ain't get your call today.They say I'm famous, it's hard to say,Look at the carpet, it's barganday,That's why I hate when you talk to me,Slurrin' my words, girl, it's burgundy.I know that all of you heard of me,I be that kid that just speaks with his certainty,I got this jewelry on purposely,Just so you know when you work with meThings can come down in a flurry, see.The cycles, the cycles, I stay on the high note,Just turn on the, turn on the Tycho please,Just came out of cryofreeze,

Teeth are bright white so that night can see,Come and get hype with me,Come and get hype with me.Private society, blind, but you try to see,Handle it privately.Why did you lie to me? Why did you, Bruce Lee?John F. Kennedy, who?Baby girl, just know your enemies. Who?Baby girl, make sure you 'member me. Who?When I'm not gon' waste my energy,I'm not gon' waste my inner chi.Tryna finish me,Kill a joker with my imagery,The government will not be killin' me,No, the government will not be killin' me.So I'ma bet pounds right nowThat if a tree fell down and no one was around,You think that it would even make it sound?Would it even touch the ground, baby?Is Galileo in the town?Find 'em hangin' by a string, baby,Tell me what you think, baby, ish is goin' down.In my mind, I am the king,I'll turn everything to pink, baby,Don't you make a sound, no-no,Come and kick it in the sink,Help me wash my Cuban links,I've been here before, I think?
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