Текст песни James Blake - Timeless (Remix)

[James Blake:]Timeless, timeless,Timeless, timeless.[Vince Staples:]How did the blood from out the...How did the blood from out the...How did the blood from out the...How did the blood from out the...How did the blood from out the sand get in the hour glass?The world was in my hands,I scorched the land then watch the hours pass,Then picked a couple flowers out the soil just to spoil you,Pricked my fingers on a few, had at least a dozen grown.Remind me of the shells, you see me walkin' on ‘em,You catch my drift,Oceans wasn't made for Vince, motions leave me more than sick,Couldn't ride the love boat, jumped into the lone abyss.Rather be alone than build unhappy homes,Now I'm goneDown with Davy Jones where it's dark at day and night,

Way beneath the ocean breeze,You lose your sight then lose yo knees.I was fortunate to meet you, wasn't strong enough to keep you,But I never let a person breathing bring me to my knees,That's why Jesus had to die, that's why Lennon had to leave,So I hope I live forever when I fall beneath the sea,Did it all for you and me, the eulogy won't be too bright,Apologies go to the pastor in advance.The sweet disaster of our dances, history of our ancestors,Everybody got a master,I'm a slave to the rhythm moon-walkin' through the night.So I refuse, I refuse, and I know we live an illusion,I know we born to be loser, you lose yo love, then lose yo life,And then the numbers get fewer.Until the sun shine bright, until the last page turn,That's if the fire in your eyes, don't leave the books all burned.I tried to read between the lines without my glasses,Girl, I'm blind, I guess we got some shit in commonAfter all, timeless.You see the signs, you signed a letter left it on my dresser, left my ass behind,I guess the moments that we shared was just a way of buying time, timeless.
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