Текст песни Jamie Foxx - Like A Drum

[Verse 1: Jamie Foxx] I really need to see you babe, tell me when you're on your way I roll one up for you babe, pour one up for you babe I've really been missing your body, sex so good like "Oh my God" I know you like it when you on top, do it babe, do it, don't stop Baby send a text or a call, hit a nigga when you get off Girl I know you want that raw, girl I know you want that Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hell yeah Cause she ain't got me feeling like a star, I'mma meet you right where you are[Hook] Feels good when we smoking, fucking, kissing, licking, stroking, touching Feels good when we cum together, rainy days are perfect weather Girl you get wetter than a storm, dream get you in real form We hit it like we 'bout to shoot a porn, uh Yeah, and I'm gon' beat it like a drum, beat it like a drum Beat it, bom bom bom bom Bom bom bom bom Bom, bom bom bom bom[Verse 2: Jamie Foxx] Girl I've been waiting on you, when you gon' come come come come? Beat, beat 'til your legs get weak, and your shit cum, numb numb numb numb Girl I'm in the mood for some cake, it ain't even my birthday I'mma still put it in my face, ooh I just love that taste[Hook] [Verse 3: Wale] Recently thinking 'bout you a little more Thinking teching your temperature with a, a call Far too long, you probably involved, press ignore This the type of thoughts for hours after the liquor store Chemistry, let me into your energy I'm German with every 100% of me And I find us a rhythm making you quiver It's so different I'm into your symbol like instrumental beats Fall back, fall, I'mma leave for that son and go back Fall back, fall, when I leave I need drum roll, please And applaud when I depart, break you off any song playing these com But be cautious, I beat the breaks off you, no days off, everyday Team Barker[Hook] [Verse 4: Jamie Foxx] If you want it, you can get it, you got keys to my address Put your keys in your ignition, get here soon as you can get it Get a nigga up and it's gon' go down, get you so wet then a nigga might drown Matter fact, thinking 'bout it got me going crazy, baby where you at, where you at right now? Hurry up girl come pull out the stick, all this D that you 'bout to get Feels so good, yeah feels so good, once I get in can't pull out the bed Bom bom bom, just like a drum, no I ain't done, got me shooting like gun I want it all the time, girl it ain't a hit and run, every time we do it you be feeling like the one [Hook]
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