Текст песни Janelle Monáe - You

I need to talk to you
Let's make it last (oh let's make it last)
Embrace what we talked about
Don't wanna look back
And see what I've been without
Now I've made up my mind
To make this work with you
Cause you and no one else
Fills me like you do

See my father knew best
When he said a man should fight for me
And baby I'm gonna do
Whatever feels right for me

You hey you you you
You you you you

Darling I know it's hard
With this long distance and all
But I'm tired of writing you with this pen
Why can't we talk on the phone again?
Why can't we go back to how things used to be?
You would look in my eyes
And tell me that you love me

See my Mama knew best
When she said that you were right for me
And I'm gonna do
Whatever feels right for me

Darling I'll fight for you, you

I'll fight for you and you and only you you

Forget climbing mountains
I'm flying home to you
Girl there just ain't no way

There just ain't no way
I can't live without you
Cause it's all about you you you

I don't want to live without you darling
I will fight for you you you

You you you you…
Hey you you you…

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