Текст песни Jeff Buckley - We All Fall in Love Sometimes*

Wise men sayIt looks like rain todayIt crackled on the speakersAnd trickled down the sleepy subway trainsFor heavy eyes could hardly hold usAching legs that often told usIt's all worth itWe all fall in love sometimesThe full moon's brightAnd starlight filled the eveningWe wrote it and I played itSomething happened it's so strange this feelingNaive notions that were childishSimple tunes that tried to hide itBut when it comesWe all fall in love sometimes

Did we, didn't we, should we couldn't weI'm not sure `cause sometimes we're so blindStruggling through the dayWhen even your best friend saysDon't you findWe all fall in love sometimesAnd only passing timeCould kill the boredom we acquiredRunning with the losers for a whileBut our Empty Sky was filled with laughterJust before the floodPainting worried faces with a smile* – Кавер на композицию We All Fall In Love Sometimes в оригинальном исполнении Elton John
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