Текст песни Jerry Reed - P.M.S. I guess

Took my stitches out monday Took my cast off today Still ain't got When she ill 'Cause the insurance Won't pay We can get by without All she broke in the house That rambo with the skillet My normaly sweet loving spouse PMS I guess Is what made her that way 'Cause most of the time She's the light of my day Great mother, great lover So kind and so sweet And right out of nowhere A tornado with feet My dog Fred Knows where to hide in the woods And i'd hidin' there with him If only I could But me and the kids Just try to survive And hope on the smoke clears We're all still alive PMS I guess What else could it be 'Cause most of the time She so sweet to me So cute and so sexy And a bit of a flirt And then all of a sudden Hulk Hogan in a skirt Folks, it's a medical mistery Why she looses control But most women go through it Or so I've been told But when the change of life comes And if I don't live this course There's a good posibility It'll only get worse
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