Текст песни Jethro Tull - Life is a long song

When you're falling awake and you takestock of the new day,And you hear your voice croakas you choke on what you need to say,Well, don't you fret, don't you fear,I will give you good cheer.Life's a long song.If you wait then your plate I will fill.As the verses unfold and your soulsuffers the long day,And the twelve o'clock gloom spins the room,you struggle on your way.

Well, don't you sigh, don't you cry,Lick the dust from your eye.Life's a long song.We will meet in the sweet light of dawn.As the Baker Street train spills your painall over your new dress,And the symphony sounds undergroundput you under duress,Well don't you squeal as the heelGrinds you under the wheel.Life's a long song.But the tune ends too soon for us all.
Слова и текст песни Jethro Tull - Life is a long song принадлежит его авторам.

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