Текст песни Joan Baez - Three Fishers

Three fishers went sailingOut into the west,Out into the westAs the sun went down,Each thought on the womanThat loves him the best,And the children stood watchingThem out of the town.(REF:)For men must workAnd women must weep,For there's little to earnAnd many to keep,And the harbor barBe moaning.Three wives sat upIn the lighthouse tower,

They trimmed the lampsAs the sun went down,And they looked at the squallAnd they looked at the shower,And the night-wrack came rolling inRagged and brown.(REF)Three corpses lay outOn the shining sand,In the morning gleamAs the tide went down,And the women were weepingAnd wringing their hands,For those who would neverCome back to the town.(REF)(2x)
Слова и текст песни Joan Baez - Three Fishers принадлежит его авторам.

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