Текст песни Joan Baez - Time Is Passing Us By

The moon is low on the southlandThe frogs are asleep on the lakeDid you know that tears run in rivuletsAnd hearts can repeatedly break?And this may well be the last timeIf my spirits don't pick up and flyFor though it's sad, it may well be trueThat our time is passing us byOccasionally you have called for meI've always tried to be thereBut it seemed whenever my train pulled inYou never did really careAnd the only thing I could decipherFrom the corner of your roving eyeWas that you and I were the first ones to knowThat our time was passing us byWell, it was fun for the first few yearsPlaying "Legend In Our Time"

And there were those who discussed the factThat we drifted apart in our primeAnd we haven't got too much in commonExcept that we're so much alikeAnd I hate it for though you're a big part of meBut our time is passing us bySo I can sit here in my silver chairYou can stay there on your goldYou can say you've got commitmentsAnd I can say I'm growing oldAnd I can get up and make commentsOn the color of the evening skyBut our ships have come homeAnd the night's rolling inAnd our time is passing us byBut cast us adriftAnd cross a few starsAnd I'm good for one more try
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